About Restrofit

RestroFit is an easy-to-use software alternative for restaurants, coffee shops, fast food counters, pubs and other hotel outlets. Easy to use, quick restaurant billing, with or without touch screen.

RestroFit will take care of your Table management, Banquet management, Takeaways, Delivery, Multiple printer support, Kitchen Order Tokens, Software setting and much more.

Easy To Customize

Restrofit has features that allows you to customize your optional settings for software.

User Friendly

RestroFit handles all the major task from a single page when customers line up at the cash counter.


With multi user, you can decide to whom you want to authorize to use which features.

modern Design

With pictorial representation of table it gets very easy to see whether a table is booked or vacant.

Benefits of Restrofit

Do you see an image of RestroFit’s screen? , of course you do, that many management features we have provided, and you can always manage what you want to use.

Restrofit provides you to create users, manage their and to provide them the authority.

Awesome features

RestroFit gives you the feature to manage Menu items, their category, Products.

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Software Screenshots

Do you see an image of RestroFit’s screen? , of course you do

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